Petronell is an artist who uses interesting available mediums as canvasses. She paints mostly with acrylics and has a love for painting on wood.

She also couples word art with photography and her paintings, in card form. Cards can be ordered online for any occasion, it will be sent via the Post Office or postal agencies, directly to the one you intend it for.

Charles is Petronell’s husband and the photographer for her art prints. He is known as an industrial photographer for his photography in electronic board supplying.

Latest Card Wording

Use these when ordering your cards, or submit your own.


  • Kan ekke hom sommer deur die skerm vat en in die vaas met water sir

    May I grab it through the screen and put it in a vase with water

    Drienie – Pretoria, South Africa
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!! dit lyk so eg asof die Leeu hier langs my tande wys!! pragtig.. by “eg” bedoel ek soos in lewendig!!


    It is so real, it’s as if the lion is right next to me, showing it’s teeth! Beautiful .. by “It is so real”, I mean, alive!!

    Rina – Brits, South Africa
  • Dis stunning Petro!

    It’s stunning Petro!

    Elsa – Strand, South Africa